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Chesterfield Combinations / Chesterfield 1 + 1 + 3 seater

Why choose an original Chesterfield 1 + 1 + 3 sofa?

Chesterfield furniture from The Chesterfield Brand™ is distinguished by its high quality and durability. The sofas and armchairs are made entirely by hand and riveted by craftsmen with a passion for their trade. The sofa's frame consists of solid hardwood (glued and screwed), which guarantees a high degree of dimensional stability and resists the tension caused by the fixed suspension. The entire exterior of the sofa is made of the highest quality leather.


Combination Deals




Chesterfield combination: quality and modern seating comfort

Because of the excellent quality of the Chesterfields produced, we can provide our unique platinum plus 12-year guarantee, which is not available elsewhere on the market. It is the only truly original Chesterfield from The Chesterfield Brand, produced in 100% bovine leather with buttoned fronts. For optimal seating comfort, the cushions are fitted with pocketspring and under the cushions nosag suspension.

The infinite combination possibilities with Chesterfield furniture.

Timeless design, unparalleled comfort and high quality: this is what you can expect from an original Chesterfield sofa from The Chesterfield Brand. These original Chesterfields are handmade and produced using 100% bovine leather. The high quality of this leather can be seen in its smooth finish, giving this sofa a long lifespan. You can infinitely combine this English style Chesterfield with classic and modern interiors, making it stand out in any setting. If the combination you hoped for is not present in our collection, please visit the Chesterfield.com website, or get in touch with us.