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Chesterfield Sofa Leather / Chesterfield 1-seater Sofa

Chesterfield armchair or 1 seater sofa

If you are looking for a Chesterfield armchair or 1 seater sofa, you have come to the right place at House of Chesterfield. All models in our range have a timeless look and are of the highest quality. The classic model with knotted-in buttons creates an unprecedented atmosphere and appearance. Our assortment, from the reliable company The Chesterfield Brand, includes Chesterfield armchairs from various ranges. A Chesterfield Original armchair or 1 seater sofa stands for classic elegance, quality and unrivalled luxury.

A genuine Chesterfield armchair

A Chesterfield armchair isn't something you just pick up from anywhere. Opting for quality and an unprecedented style is essential. Are you a lover of the authentic English interior styling, represented by the leather furniture with knotted buttons? Then a Chesterfield Original armchair is an excellent choice.


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Why choose for House of Chesterfield?

A House of Chesterfield Original armchair is made by The Chesterfield Brand. All furniture is made by hand in the traditional way. The brand has its own factories and tannery so that the best quality is always guaranteed. When you purchase your Chesterfield armchair, you will receive a certificate of authenticity. In this way you can be sure that you are really buying an authentic piece of furniture.

Classical living

Experience living in style with a Chesterfield Original armchair. Quality is assured with us. It goes without saying that this piece of furniture fits in wonderfully well with classic furnishings, but it can also be a perfect combination in a business or contemporary interior. Thanks to the wide choice of colours, you will always find the perfect match at House of Chesterfield.