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Chesterfield Sofa Leather / Chesterfield 2-seater Sofa

Chesterfield 2 seater sofa

Looking for a sofa with magnificence? If you opt for a Chesterfield 2 seater sofa, you choose the grandeur of British living style as well as quality and comfort. At House of Chesterfield you can choose from a variety of sofas, so that you will always find a piece of furniture that suits your personal taste or your current furnishings. If you are looking for a Chesterfield 2 seater sofa, you have come to the right place.

The Chesterfield class

Almost everyone is familiar with the Chesterfield interior design style. These are the classic English leather sofas with the interlinking diamond pattern. Thanks to its unique design, a Chesterfield 2 seater sofa brings the unprecedented style into your home. In addition to the characteristic pattern, the high armrests are also well-known and well-loved. Not only does this English sofa look beautiful, it is also incredibly comfortable. High quality materials and craftsmanship make it a showpiece in any interior.


Combination Deals




Original or Vintage?

The Chesterfield Brand™ furniture is made from the finest bovine leather. These Chesterfields are available in two different leathers: the Original and the Vintage. These ranges differ from each other on a number of points: the Vintage sofas are handmade from the same leather as the Original sofas, but here the leather is only waxed. By leaving the leather unvarnished, it acquires its aged and vintage look. Unlike the seats in the Chesterfield Original series, the Vintage sofas do not have a glossy layer over the leather. This does not alter the fact that the Vintage sofas are also protected against damage.

Your Chesterfield 2 seater sofa

By selecting from different models, you can have a sofa that perfectly suits your taste and current interior. The Chesterfield Original sofas are available in a wide range of different colours. Order your favourite Chesterfield 2 seater sofa now at House of Chesterfield!