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Chesterfield Sofa Leather / Chesterfield 3-seater Sofa

Chesterfield 3 seater sofa

Are you looking for a sofa in a classic, elegant style? Then a Chesterfield 3 seater sofa is an excellent choice. Experience British style living, while enjoying comfort and quality at the same time. House of Chesterfield has various Chesterfield-style sofas in its range, offering you a choice of colours. As a result, you will always find a Chesterfield 3 seater sofa that suits both your personal taste and current interior. Welcome to House of Chesterfield!

Why Chesterfield?

Chesterfield's classic English style has captured the heart of the world of living and can now be found in many elegant interiors. A Chesterfield 3 seater sofa is an asset both in a living area and in the office. The beautiful leather and the unique pattern with knotted-in buttons make the sofa a beautiful centrepiece in the heart of any space — an asset both in a living area and in the office. The high armrests also create the unique atmosphere that a Chesterfield sofa brings. House of Chesterfield offers a wide choice of furniture from The Chesterfield Brand and all our furniture is handmade, using only the best materials.


Combination Deals




Diverse models

House of Chesterfield offers choice. Various materials are available as well as models in different sizes, therefore the possibilities are endless. There is a unique and contemporary Chesterfield Brand piece of furniture for everyone.

The leather finish is central and provides protection against dirt. The 3 seater sofa from this collection is available in different colour shades, so there is always a sofa to suit your style.

Buying a Chesterfield from House of Chesterfield

At House of Chesterfield, top quality is guaranteed. Our furniture is handmade from the highest quality leathers. Choose the model and colour that best suits your existing furnishing. Ordering your favourite Chesterfield 3 seater sofa is easy and affordable. What's more, you will receive a 12-year premium guarantee on your new furniture as standard.