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Chesterfield Combinations
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Chesterfield combinations

In the world of home living, some pieces of furniture stand out. They attract attention in terms of atmosphere and design, and at the same time offer a lot of comfort. In short: an all-in-one piece of furniture.

An example of this is the renowned English furniture — furniture in the Chesterfield style. Deep earth tones in natural and processed leather create a warm atmosphere in the home, but nowadays more modern materials are also used to upholster an English piece of furniture.

We have put together a number of combinations for you, if your combination is not included, please contact us.

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Discount on our selected Chesterfield combinations.

With an eye for detail, every Chesterfield piece of furniture is finished to perfection. If you are looking for English sofas, or a combination thereof, you will certainly find them at House of Chesterfield.

At House of Chesterfield you receive a discount on the fixed Chesterfield combinations from our assortment. This is your direct advantage over individual orders. Chesterfield combinations can be made to order, another colour or another model is possible with our partner Chesterfield.com.

All Chesterfield sofas come with a Certificate of Authenticity and transferable Premium Warranty.