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Chesterfield armchair

What makes an armchair Chesterfield style? You have seen them before: the armchairs with a diamond pattern and buttoned front, and often found in various hotel lobbies and in other elegantly furnished rooms. A so-called Chesterfield armchair is an integral part of a classic interior design, time and again.

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Each Chesterfield armchair is unique

You initially see a distinctive element: the diamond pattern and eye catching button. By applying this design, a unique piece of furniture is produced. The original characteristics of a Chesterfield armchair are leather and fabric upholstery. The unique appearance has also ensured that this furniture's lengthy popularity. They stand for quality and style, something that —needless to say— appeals to many people. The diamond pattern with buttons is therefore the characteristic that lends an armchair to the Chesterfield style.

By using different materials and colours, the style becomes more appealing and accessible to a wider range of people. Not only is a Chesterfield armchair an asset in more classical interiors, this item can also be found in more contemporary interiors. This is what makes Chesterfield so attractive to so many people.

At House of Chesterfield you can select Chesterfield sofas from our standard range. Chesterfield sofas are made to order. Another colour or model is possible with our partner Chesterfield.com.

All Chesterfield sofas come with a Certificate of Authenticity and transferable Premium Warranty.