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All our sofas at The Chesterfield Brand™ are characterized by the highest quality of materials and their extended lifetime. Our sofas and armchairs are completely handcrafted. Our sofa frames are made from solid hardwood (glued and screwed) which guarantees a high level of firmness and can withstand tension, due to the solid suspension. The exterior of the sofa is made of the highest quality leather. As a result, we are able to offer you our unique Platinum 12 year warranty which cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

Highest quality bovine leather

Our furniture is made of the highest quality bovine leather (unlike non-original Chesterfields, that have artificial leather on the sides and the back). These Chesterfields are delivered in two different types of leather, namely semi-aniline and waxed leather. Semi-aniline leather beautifully displays the structure of the leather and as a result, the leather has only a light layer of pigment and is still well protected against dirt and grime. This leather is not the cheapest of its kind, but it is the leather with the highest quality. Only the upper layer of the leather is used and is processed in our tannery for three weeks. The leather will be tanned and dyed and eventually it will be solid and stable enough for our purposes.

The other type of leather is waxed leather. We use this leather for our Vintage model. This is a type of leather that has been made to look old by means of a unique procedure, which allows the leather to obtain this Vintage look in a short period of time. This leather constantly develops the “wear and tear” look in its appearance. The more it is used, the older it looks.

Through the use of our buttons, the distinctively familiar Chesterfield pattern arises, enhancing the renowned checker pattern, the stitching and the comfortable upholstery. These buttons are pulled inwards with strong rope and are tightened to the frame. This is the strongest and most original way of padding. The furniture of The Chesterfield Brand™ has a standard spring-core. We use Nosag springs, which are the so-called zigzag springs that create the stability of the furniture. Contrary to other materials such as elastics, straps or bands, the Nosag springs have a much longer life span and comfortable sitting pleasure.