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Chesterfield Sofa Fabric / Chesterfield 2-seater Sofa Fabric

Chesterfield 2 seater sofa in fabric

A Chesterfield sofa in fabric is a visible object in the living room. It is therefore important that a sofa matches the atmosphere of the house. A Chesterfield fabric sofa from House of Chesterfield will blend well with different types of interior designs. The fully upholstered and modernised design is also perfect for other rooms in your home.

Why choose a Chesterfield sofa in fabric?

With the Chesterfield design you bring class and style into your home. The seating area, back, arms and cushions are 100% finished in a high quality fabric of your choice. The Chesterfield sofas in fabric have a pleasant, upright sitting position.



Chesterfield Certificate of Authenticity also for fabric?

House of Chesterfield is an exclusive sales partner for The Chesterfield Brand™ and brings the products to you directly from the manufacturer. In our own production facilities, the furniture you see on our website is produced in an honest and traditional way. At House of Chesterfield you will receive as standard a certificate of authenticity and premium guarantee on every piece of furniture.