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Chesterfield Sofa Fabric / Chesterfield 3-seater Sofa Fabric

Chesterfield 3 seater sofa in fabric

Chesterfield fabric sofas from The Chesterfield Brand are handcrafted and therefore distinct from what many people think. Our Chesterfield furniture has to meet certain characteristics and quality standards. A typical feature of this furniture is the knotted fabric upholstery and its finish. In the Original series, the backrest is at the same height as both armrests.

Our model was created in part by the statement of the English lord Philip Dormer Stanhope, who was the fourth Earl of Chesterfield (1694 - 1773). A few years before his death, the Earl had given the order to make a sofa, which not only 'should be of high quality and radiate class, but should also have a pleasant, upright sitting posture'. And this is where the classic Chesterfield came into being, now also in the fabric version.



Chesterfield sofa in fabric

These are beautiful and handmade pieces of furniture where the knotted upholstery comes into its own. The high armrests and soft fabric provide excellent seating comfort. This high-quality 3 seater sofa is suitable for optimal seating comfort for three people.

Chesterfield in your choice of fabric colour

Have you found a suitable fabric colour to match your interior? On the House of Chesterfield website you will only find our standard fabric options. If this is not what you are looking for or if you want to see more, maybe you have your own fabric, then go to the Chesterfield.com website where you are guaranteed to find the fabric colour of your choice.